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 Liley Monument Works

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Certified Memorialist Award

In 1995, Chris attained the Certified Memorialist designation awarded b more info...



Whether done by hand or a machine, etching is a way to personalize your monument, plaque, or other stone project. With our new laser etching machine we can now etch not only stone but wood, glass, and metal. more info...


 Garden Stones and Brick Projects

If your church, school, or other organization is looking for a way to honor past members or donors, a brick project is a great way to do so. They can also work well as a way to fund bigger projects. Whether doing paths and walkways or walls and cornerstones, bricks can be purchased and then inscribe more info...



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 Quarry Process

The process of getting beautiful granite slabs from quarries all over the world to your home is quite a journey. One by one, huge blocks of stone are drilled and broken into moveable sizes by using time tested methods and modern machinery. After cutting huge blocks of granite from the mountain, othe more info...


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Benches and birdbaths come in a variety of different colors and make a lovely addition to anyone's landscaping. The benches can be custom lettered for personalizaion to be used in many different ways such as memorial's, dedication or advertisement. more info...



Throughout the ages, above-ground entombment has been reserved for only the wealthy. Now with many different options to chose from they are affordable for everyone. With many different sizes and colors available, each one can be as unique as the loved one for whom it's for. more info...



A monument should be selected carefully to reflect devotion to your loved one. They preserve our heritage for future generations. Since the process of selecting a memorial may seem difficult at this time, we recommend that you make an informed decision after proper care and counsel. Even in the loss more info...


 Signs & Plaques

Granite signs and plaques are a great way for your business or home to stand out above the rest. From house numbers to dedication plaques, city welcome signs and more, we can customize your project to give it the personal touch you want. more info...


 Specialty Items

Our specialty items make great gifts for the holidays or any time of year. We have a wide array of granite figurines, lazy susans, game pieces and other items. With our in house artists and new laser etching machine, these items can be customized for a personal touch. Call or come by today to see wh more info...



Granite and marble statues have been used for many years to honor those who are of great importance to us. They can also stand as landmarks at schools, cemeteries, town squares, and many other places of interest. Do to the nature of the stone, these statues will stand the test of time against the el more info...


 Veterans Memorials

Over the years Liley Monument Works has worked with many cities and organizations on projects honoring veterans. We take great pride in doing this for those who served our country. If you or your community is interested in doing a project to honor veterans in your community, please feel free to cont more info...


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 Website Sitemap

This searchable sitemap allows you to search our website pages for the content you seek. This search engine does not allow searching our online color catalogs. more info...

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